January 22, 2006

January 22, 2006

Yep 2006!!! This is my first official diary entry! Yahoo! I guess. So yeah, today I found out my best friend AmyBlouse is a prep. Well, her other friend Madison had something to do with it. Anyway, Madison stayed at Amy’s house last night and today they hung out at the mall together! And the store Hollister, is Amy’s favorite store now. And everyone says Hollister is a prep store. Samantha Talky one of Amy and my friends hates Amy now, and they got into a big fight online before and Samantha called Amy a bitch and that’s how it went, Amy started crying. I was mad at her a little bit but then not so much. Me and Samantha kept copying and pasting convos on aim of what we said to Amy to each other, and we’d laugh. But that’s all over now and my hand really hurts so! Ta-Ta-for-now!

Still 2006! (Same day) It doesn’t seem like it though! Oh well. Anyway, I was thinking that if someone said, I love you to their “significant other” while they were “going out” not dating would it really be an “I love you?” That most adults (while they’re dating) are worried to tell their “significant other” or “partner.” Anyway, “going out” means the same thing (kinda) as dating but I’m not sure. Whatever.

Love always and forever!

Present day me: This entry was the beginning of a journal I started in 7th grade. I had many friends and got caught up in plenty of middle school drama! I’d spend time talking with my friends on AOL instant messenger. Sometimes it’d get pretty catty, I regret the way I handled myself now, but back then it was a different time in my life.

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