January 23, 2006

January 23, 2006

I keep wanting to put 2005 but 2005 is over!! It’s 2006 people!!

Anyway, Amy isn’t mad at me, and I’m GLAD! Yeah, today was the first day of second semester! So now I’m in reading and Spanish! Tabitha is in my Spanish class and in reading there’s the same people that were in my health and art class. Yeah, the only problem is that Amy was mad at me this morning before school cause I don’t know. She completely ignored me when I said hi to her and waved. So yeah, whatever that tells ya. Ummmm, so what to say, Amy wore mascara today to school and Hillary said she looked kinda like a hooker!! Yeah that was kinda harsh, but whatever. Hillary, Tabitha and Samantha hate her, Courtney of course, agrees with Tabitha on it. So yeah… that was the day! So much fun!

Ava Estelle <3<3<3

Present day me: I always signed off on my entries with my name and hearts or whatever doodle I was into at the time. This entry made me laugh reading it today as my 29 year old self. I don’t have relationships with any of these people any longer.

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