June 21, 2006

June 21, 2006

Wednesday, 10:32 pm!

I don’t know why but I’m seeing double. It sucks. Well anyway today Meryl had her third flute lesson at school and Eddie and me played tennis in the tennis courts. It was really hot out so we only played for twenty minutes. Then we went into the school, got a drink and walked around it all. It felt weird being in school in the summer. So after Meryl’s lesson we biked home, it took us half an hour but it was okay, I guess. And then (this is the best part) when Mom got home at 3 we went to the bank to take out money. $200 I never had that much REAL money in my hands before! I withdrew it because I got a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!! It is soooo awesome! Nikon L4! I LOVE IT!

Bestest Camera Ever! (In cursive flowy writing)

And yeah, they gave me a $10 gift card for buying the camera, and my mom got a queen CD with it! Also she bought me a memory card and I bought some rechargeable batteries. My camera uses double A’s!

Ava Estelle <3<3<3 😊😊😊😊😊

**Walmart suggestion: Go to service desk and ask to put a bag of M&Ms on layaway**

Present day me: I remember this day well. This is a really good memory for me and I loved using that camera!

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