March 20, 2007

March 20, 2007

Early morning

Okay so, on Sunday what we did was the five of us: me, Meryl, Eddie, mom, and dad, went to the SC Boardwalk. There were rides, rollercoasters and tilt-a-whirls, some cool stuff! The Giant Dipper was the name of the rollercoaster we went on. It was an old wooden one. Red and white and made rickety sounds for the whole ride. Me, Eddie and Meryl went on this ride called the Tsunami. That ride was so funny! It spins and the two inner people would get pushed against the outer one haha! The second time we went on Meryl was in the middle and I was on the end. The person came around and made us switch!!! Haha! So yeah, that was pretty much that day.

Late morning

So, yesterday we drove up to Big Sur. Basically it’s just a road on the side of the mountain overlooking the ocean. The road was labeled HWY 1. It was really beautiful! Highway 1 is famous for the views, there are a couple bridges that were featured in movies. That was pretty cool. Aunt Penny took us to her “secret beach spot” called Pheiffer Beach. There were rocks all over and cliffs. The water would spray all over when it came through the rocks. That was really pretty too! Aunt Penny said in the summer it was a nude beach…..ewww!!

We drove up the mountains and went to a really cool restaurant called Nepenthe, they had really good burgers. We all had the same burger with different things on it. There was a store under the restaurant, Phoenix. Dad bought me a set of hand-made lights. They’re really awesome! We went to Carmel beach, there is a town called Carmel. Famous people live there, Aunt Penny said. The beach was nice – the Pebble Beach Golf Course was off in the distance.

Then we drove over to the 17-mile Drive. And during that we saw the lone Cyprus tree. We walked through pebble beach golf course. We also stopped at this point on the drive to see a bunch of birds. And there were squirrels that came really close to us when we called for them.

After all that tourism we rented Borat and Employee of the Month. Borat was funny in some parts but then really stupid too. Employee of the Month was good!

Well since I wrote in here of the last two days, I suppose I should write in here for today!

Aunt Penny and Uncle Ron left right away this morning. So, we had the house to ourselves. We chose to go to the mall. Meryl got a backpack, Eddie got a PS2 game, mom got a pair of pants and me and dad got books. We were only there for two hours. The mall wasn’t that big. Then we came home and lounged around for the afternoon. Dad made tacos for dinner. They were good and then I told mom I wanted to go get ice cream. So, we went downtown, (me, Meryl, Eddie and mom) and found a Marini’s store with some ice cream there. That was some GOOD ice cream! So, we walked around downtown, we just got back a little bit ago. Fun evening.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: This was a really fun entry to revisit as an adult. It makes me want to relive these days again with my current partner, friends, and family. I remember it being so exciting to explore the nature around the area. It made me learn how fun it is to travel someplace new.

I remember going on that ride with my siblings and deciding to be the one sitting on the outer side, they push against while the ride spins. The guy who was working made my sister and I switch because she was a tad wider than me at that point. I remember feeling good he thought that of me, but then kind of bad that she had to be on the end again. I remember the feeling once my aunt and uncle left, and we were at the house just the five of us. It felt a tad deflated. But it also felt nice to do our own things. We still had a few days of our trip left!

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