June 9, 2007

June 9. 2007

7:12 am

I just woke up twelve minutes ago. But I just wanted to write about the last couple of days. Thursday, the 8th grade class went to an amusement park two hours away! It was so awesome!!! I hung out with Tabitha, Courtney, Rhonda, and Brit. The first ride we went on was the Extreme Swing. Me, Courtney and Rhonda went on it, if Brit would of went on it, Tabitha would of….but whatever. We went on more rides, ate lunch then went on some roller coasters. 😊 I love rollercoasters and Tilter and Scrambler! That was pretty much the Thursday.

So, yesterday (Friday) was the last day of school! 😊/☹ I was happy for no more homework and then sad for no more friends. Well, in the morning right away, we got our class 2007 t shirts! They were ugly. (gray with blue lettering. All our names were on it though!) We all went to the cafeteria for signing of things and breakfast. Then went to the auditorium to watch Happy Feet! I love that movie A LOT! 😊 After the movie we got into groups and went in stations around the 8th grade house. That whole thing was kind of boring…but oh well. After that was lunch, we ate outside in the back of the school! Then we went to the front of the school to DANCE! And of course, take pictures. <3 my hobby!

After the “8th Grade Celebration” we all went into the auditorium to watch the slideshow. EVERYONE started crying…surprisingly, I didn’t cry at all. I gave lots of people hugs. That was the last day of middle school. <3

Ava Estelle

Present day me: I remember this day and how bittersweet it was. Some people were crying much more than others. The situation was, after this school year due to the school zones in our city, our class was being split in half basically by going to different high schools in the fall. I had friends going to my high school and had friends going to the other high school. It was sad because I knew it’d be more difficult for us to stay friends being in different schools, and different parts of the city. Some of my friends felt like our class was one big family and I felt that way too. I remember getting along with pretty much everyone that I had classes with. I made a lot of memories with the friends I had in middle school. During high school and after I’ve stated I’d go back to middle school again over any other time in my life. The days and times were just so much fun, and everyone had a good time! When I’d bring my digital camera to school, I’d get pictures with classmates that I’d never thought cared to be my friend, but they did! I made more friends with my creativity and openness. Wow, I’m missing that time.

Anyway! Thank you for reading my entries! The rest of this year and the following years will be my high school time and many different things will be happening!

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