August 29, 2007

August 29, 2007

Today is the day before my birthday party. I’ve pretty much cleaned the upstairs. Meryl and Eddie aren’t doing anything to help clean the house. Phoebe is coming tomorrow too. So, we’ve got to get the whole house clean. And just now, Meryl’s friend, was over here with her dog. I brought our new kitten over to meet the dog and the kitten freaked out. He scratched my arm and my face and my lower lip. (I think he might have pee’d on me a little bit too) so now I have a little fat lip. It hurts. I hope it goes away by tomorrow.

And (of course) mom came home from Meryl’s physical today and was soooo crabby. She walked up the stairs and started clapping her hands (And I was on the computer) so she yelled at me to go outside….

Mrs. Willow just called me. She’s going for her daughter’s orientation at the middle school I used to go to. She wanted to call me to see how I was doing. And now that I’m off the phone with her I’m crying. Because hearing her voice reminded me so much of confirmation and 8th grade and middle school. I really miss it all. A lot at the moment. Now I kind of know what everyone felt like on the last day of middle school. ☹ I’m really glad she called though.

Ava Estelle

Present day me: This was a touching entry for me to revisit. The interaction of a kitten clawing at my face when scared of a dog, my mom being crabby and yelling at me to get outside (since being inside all day was looked at as being lazy, especially if I was on the computer) and lastly and kind phone call from a woman who I looked up to and cherished. That was very comforting but also emotional! This peek into the year of 2007 for me has been cathartic.

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