October 12, 2007

October 12, 2007



Hey! Two of my cats are lying next to me on my bed at the cabin. Listening to the song Paralyzer and enjoying my clean room.

So, I was looking on the baker’s rack for whatever and I found a piece of paper that my dad wrote a poem on. Every time someone passes away, he goes by himself and thinks and writes a poem. It’s kind of interesting. And I decided to copy it down in here.

Dad’s poem about Gram’s passing

One day you will not be part of tomorrow. Your soul will be free to soar with the angels. Those of us you leave behind shall mourn your loss and miss you. The good you shared and the love you offered will take you home. Your example will guide us forward as we march on through the time that is ours.

That totally makes sense about Gram. I really miss her. Whenever I think of her, I think of when I hugged her, her voice and what her hands felt like. How her food tasted like. When she’d bite into a cookie me or Meryl made, her eyebrows would raise and she said, “mm, these are good,” and whenever she’d finish a cookie, she’d rub her hands together to get the crumbs off. I remember her rings and how her laugh was. And whenever we’d go into her kitchen and open her fridge she’d ask us, “what would you like?” Watching her put a quilt together or showing me one of her quilts. She loved sewing. She taught me many things, especially with sewing, some cookie making things too.

When she taught me how to knit while she was up at our house over the summer. She walked with me and Eddie to the store to get soda and juice for our drink stand. HOBBY LOBBY – the first week I stayed by her, I got a TON of stuff with her there. She kept telling people we went to the store Holly Hobby, haha. Yeah, there were a lot of fun times with her. I really miss her.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: this entry was a very very tearful memory. I read it and cried before I could even type it out. This is like a cozy hug from my Gram. She was so full of love and comfort. I still really miss her every day. I’m thankful I’m still connected to the rest of my family on that side. They have little parts of her within each of them. I am very thankful I have these memories to read about so many years later.

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