January 1, 2008

January 1, 2008

Well, it’s the first day of 2008, and I’m starting a new diary/journal. My old one is falling apart so this is a new one! Over Christmas break I had a party at the cabin! Six girls came over and stayed the night.

Well, everyone showed up around 2ish. We all got settled in and then we took some pictures inside. We talked and exchanged cell numbers since I got a cell phone and some others got new ones. So, we sit and talk. And then we decide to go outside, to go see if Aaron wanted to hang out with us. 😉

Yeah, so Delia and Paula go up to his door and I guess his brother answered. Delia asked for Aaron and his brother – Austin – said we’ll be out in a minute. So, they come out and we start throwing snow at them. After a little while we all got cold, and we invited Aaron and Austin in to play Apples to Apples with us.

So we all sit down in the back room and Aaron sits between Beth and I think Catherine. And what Beth told me later is that Aaron tried to play footsie with her, but she scooted towards Hannah. Well, Apples to Apples was getting old so, (I’m not sure how it came up) we started talking about phones and I got Aaron’s number! Well, we all did. So, pretty much we kept talking, I played DDR with Paula and I challenged Aaron to play the Block Puzzle game on my ipod. Hehe. Him, Rhonda, and I were trying to figure it out. We got so close but then Eddie messed it up. But whatever. Anyway we just hung out in the doorway from the kitchen to the living room. And I actually talked to Aaron a lot more than last time. It was good.

Oh! And between talking in the living room, everyone crammed into my room! We just sat in it and, of course, talked some more. I showed everyone the board that we wrote on at my all-nighter. Aaron saw his nickname word and everything else. And then it became 10:30 and my parents said the guys had to leave at 10 so all of us walked them outside and we talked with just Aaron for a while longer. His brother went in because he was cold.

So, we stayed up until 3. I fell asleep first. Before we went to sleep everyone said me and Aaron would look good together! 😊 so, I’m happy about that. And Hannah didn’t’ flirt with him at all! Hehe. She knows I like him, and she doesn’t so she respects that. So, the next morning we woke up about 9ish and we told Aaron to meet us outside at 10. But we all still had to get ready, so we did and ate breakfast. But we didn’t get out there until 11:30! So, he didn’t come out and we decided to send some of us up to his door. Me, Rhonda, Catherine, Paula, and Hannah walked up there. I was really shy about it. Paula walks up to the door and knocks, and Hannah stands on the stairs. After a minute nobody came so we left. We went back inside, and someone came out of the laundry room with Aaron’s gloves that he left here. 😊😊😊 So! We decide to write him a note and put it in his gloves. We all wrote little funny things from the night before and signed our names and numbers. And then we went and put his gloves on his doorstep for him.

So after all that everyone left. And I spent the rest of the day sitting around watching Charmed. He never called me. So, I kind of stopped hoping. But I had a really fun time. I’m glad Aaron could come to another of my parties! 😊

Ava Estelle

Present day me: Another fun visit down memory lane! This party of mine was really fun because some of the girls went to a different school, so we got to see each other and make more inside jokes. We spent a lot of time outside in January I remember. I guess it must’ve been warm enough for us hahaha. I enjoyed reading about how we hung out in a doorway between two main rooms of the house. Such a random “cool” thing to do. I also remember when we found Aaron’s gloves feeling so excited, I had another opportunity to maybe get to see him!! In hindsight, he was probably overwhelmed by receiving all these girls’ numbers at once, who all lived in a different city. I’m not sure if he actually caught on to my crush I had on him at that time. He hung out with us when I had my friends over, which was once every few months or so. I didn’t hang out with him by myself.

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