January 7, 2008

January 7, 2008


I miss my friends like you couldn’t believe! Opening this made me sad. ☹

Well today was our third day in Mexico. We arrived on Saturday the 5th at around 3pm. And we just explored that night. Then yesterday was a beach day. Hung out at the ocean and pool and spent time with Phoebe, Meredith and Susie. Not really that exciting. But it was relaxing. I laid on my stomach out on the beach for like two hours and got the back of my legs and butt red.

So today we went into town to do a little shopping. Me, Meryl, Eddie, mom, Phoebe, Uncle Pat and Aunt Blanche went together. We walked down the road for like twenty minutes, got to a mall, but mom and Aunt Blanche asked someone for directions on how to get to the market. So, we blew off the mall and waited for a bus for thirty minutes! (We weren’t even with Oma and Opa!) So we get on a bus and the directions the guy gave us told us we had to get off at a highway and get on another bus on the other side of the highway. So, we get off and run across the street and wait for the next bus. It comes, we get on. But all seven of us have to stand, along with some other people, in the aisle. It was weird. I was really sweaty, and I had only a handle on a seat to hold onto. I can’t balance that well! But some people got off and we had more room. And then our stop came, and we got off to go shopping at a market. Meryl and I bought some shell necklaces for 12 & 13 dollars. They’re really cool. Then we got a taxi to come back and hung out on the beach and took pics.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I do remember that bus ride. It was really awkward! I’m glad we managed to get to that market that seemed so important that day. Sometimes Aunt Blanche just did her thing, and we were all along for the ride. Spending time with cousins was nice too, since we didn’t live near each other. The Mexico trips each year were a way for the family to get together.

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