November 3, 2007

November 3, 2007


OMG! Today, well actually last night Tabitha, Delia, Rhonda, Hannah, Beth, and Courtney came up to the cabin for my all-nighter. So, we get up there and we start going for a walk, and “that guy” comes out on his four-wheeler and comes over to us! We all stop, and everyone knows that this is the guy I’ve had a crush on for like the past three years. So, Beth pushes me like over by him and yells my name. So, he asks us where we’re from and why we’re in this tiny town. And we just talked until it got like pitch black out. Yeah, we were all cold, so he went in to get something to eat and we went in to get warm. As soon as we got in and sat down he comes over and comes and eats with us!!! Yeah, he brought over a box of cheese crackers. After eating, we went to play LOL – Lines of Laughter. But we all just kept talking. Hannah was really flirting with him. But she didn’t even know she was doing it. I didn’t get mad at her. It wasn’t a big deal. And then we played BS. After that he had to leave. Then we went to bed. Well, no, it’s an all-nighter! We talked and played the circle game. That was really funny. Courtney fell asleep at 2:30 and everyone else fell asleep past 4. It was a lot of fun! Then in the morning, we went outside to take pictures, and to “get the mail” and he came out again and we talked to him some more. Hannah didn’t flirt as much. And I was standing right across from him in our circle! So, I think he was looking at me a lot. And he had a little five o’clock shadow, that was so cute! 😊 yeah, well then, we left. But that night was one AWESOME night!!! I will never forget it. Oh! And his name is Aaron! He’s a sophomore in a different high school from ours, and he has his driver’s license!

Ava Estelle

Present day me: this entry was a fun memory to revisit. This was the first time a guy was almost geographically close enough for me to interact with in person and possibly go out with or date. But he ended up going out with a different girl. It was probably because I lived in a different town full time, went to a different school. He dated a girl who went to his school and lived down the street from him/my cabin. My friends were funny around him too since they didn’t have much experience around guys. I remember staying up all night and then getting ready in the morning before taking pictures. I stayed in my pajamas, but I did my hair and made sure I looked good.

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