February 14, 2008

February 14, 2008


Hey, now I’m grounded from the computer. Ugh! But I have Eddie able to sneak on every now and then. So tomorrow night I’m staying at Hannah’s house with Rhonda, Beth, and hopefully Tabitha. If she texts me back telling me she can go. And so tonight was valentines. So, me and Rhonda wanted to call Aaron. So, she called me on my home phone, and I put my cell on speakerphone, and called him. But somebody was online! I tried like three times! But anyway, Eddie was online, and he wanted to send Aaron a comment. So, he logged into my MySpace account and sent him one saying, “This is Eddie, Ava’s little brother,” and Aaron commented back, “Hi Eddie tell your sister is retarded” Yeah! Those exact words! So, I commented him back saying, “Haha why is she retarded?” to sound like I was Eddie. So hopefully he’ll comment back tonight. And I’ll check it in the morning. But he could always not comment back and be a jerk about it. Grr!

 Well after this commenting fiasco I called Rhonda and told her about it. And she said, “Wow, why would he say that?” And I was thinking, what does that even mean? He wrote it like he’s in third grade or something.  Yeah, and Eddie listened in on like my whole conversation with Rhonda and he said, “Aaron was just joking,” and that’s what mom said too. And I’m realizing that me and him are really different. We don’t have anything in common except our taste in music. That’s pretty much it. So yeah, I think I’ll just look at him as a friend and see how that goes. Plus, since he got that stupid haircut, that kind of makes me pissed. Because I really liked his hair. But oh well, I guess I’ll just wait til he comments back. I really really hope he does. Well, that’s it for now.

Happy Valentines Day!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I don’t remember why I was grounded from the computer…maybe because I didn’t do the dishes correctly the first time (I got frustrated with large pans easily). I also am glad I didn’t get too upset about this commenting situation. I’m grateful for the support I had with my brother and mom and friends when I needed it.

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