February 3, 2008

February 3, 2008


Just laying in bed thinking about my weekend. It was overall good. Friday, early evening kind of got me pissed but only a little bit. Paula and I walked down to the boat landing and called Aaron. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, “just taking care of a friend. He puked on the bus.” I said, “Oh, well Paula and I are down at the boat landing if you’d want to come down.” He said sure he’d come down on his atv. So, he showed up along with Austin and Spencer. We really didn’t talk to him, the three guys talked and then me and Paula talked. It was kind of weird, and since they had the atv they decided to get a knee board and drag each other around the lake. And me and Paula just stood there and looked at each other every so often. Very weird. We ended up getting cold and we walked back, the guys went up ahead of us. So, I was like fuming at Paula and I stomped my feet and screamed. It echoed but the guys wouldn’t be able to hear it because they had a loud motor.

So, Paula and I walked inside and took pictures and watched movies, drank mountain dew and just hung out. At one time her phone rang, and it was Spencer’s dad (he had used her phone while we were at the boat landing) and he asked us if we knew where Spencer was, we said no, but he told us to let Spencer know his dad called and to give him a jingle. Weird. Yeah, so that was pretty much Friday night.

Saturday was got up, ate breakfast, took showers and kind of just sat around for a little while, then decided to take a walk into town. We walked to the gas station, a few miles away, and Paula found a stuffed dog for Hannah’s present. We walked back and wanted to take a nap, but Eddie asked us if we wanted to play Life, so we played that. After, we went through my ipod songs to make a list for the party. And then we got ready and called Aaron. My mom ended up driving us.

When we got to the roller skating place I could hear everyone inside see us coming and asking “Is that Aaron?” haha. We got there and just kind of walked around and Aaron stuck with me most of the time, which was good. 😊 He did know other people there like Rhonda and Delia. We were standing in a circle with me, Aaron, Rhonda, Amy, and Paula. Paula says to Aaron, “Your shoe is untied.” Me and Rhonda burst out laughing. Aaron, I bet rolled his eyes at another one of our inside jokes. That was one of the funniest things of the night. And I could tell Aaron was looking at me most of the time. Which is very good. 😊 Anyway, we just kept talking about stuff and when it was time to go, we were doing that whole hugging thing, when everyone hugs saying goodbye. And Aaron hugged Hannah twice!! I didn’t get to hug him. So, we get into the van and this time me and him talk the whole way home. It was way good!! He told me of a couple times when he ran out of gas at certain places that we were driving past. And I told him my theory about my gram dying. He talked to my mom about Eddie buying an atv.

My mom drove into his driveway to drop him off so like I couldn’t give him a hug in the car. But I told him if he’s bored tomorrow, he could come over and we could hang out and he said he might just do that so that made me happy. So, I got home and called Rhonda. I talked to her for like two hours about the party and the ride back. I went to bed at 10, woke up at 7 or 8 in the morning. Took a shower, ate breakfast, and went outside with my rollerblades on. 😊 Not the best idea with ice on the ground, Eddie and I traded shoes and then I called Aaron, asked him if he wanted to come out and he did. We talked for about 20 minutes about random things. Then he got cold, so he went inside to get some food and said he’ll be back out in a little bit. So, me and Eddie went inside and played a game of cribbage. Then pretty much just packed up and went back home. I had a really good weekend 😊 Oh and I found out his birthday is the same as my cousin Phoebe’s! haha!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: This was a really fun time in my life. I was enjoying time with my friends, coming up with numerous inside jokes, especially with Rhonda. Aaron was along for the ride with us during that party. I’m happy that he decided to go, and I was able to get a little more time with him. We were getting more comfortable with each other and I was learning how to talk to a guy around my age. I also remember my mom being really respectful when we were all in the van together. She was quiet and only spoke when one of us said something to her. I’m thankful for those times that she was a helper for me.

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