February 29, 2008

February 29, 2008

At the cabin. The Ktown clan came up to visit. 18 people here in total! So, Aaron came over and I hung out with him. I showed him my picture additions to my room and then showed him part of the DVD. We played cards, just us two. Egyptian Rats Crew, War and Speed. Then we just talked. We looked through a photo album. And then had some food. After that we went outside to ride on the atvs and the snowmobile. It was pretty cool. And yeah, we hung out outside for a loooong while and then my dad said that riding was over for the night, so Aaron left along with his dog and us four girls hung out. Ha! So, the parents were playing Lines of Laughter in the back room below us. We were in the loft laying down. And Rob was way buzzed so I yelled at him to say Obama so he said, “Osama Bin Laden,” then I told him to say, asscrack, dreamsicle and hippopotamus. So yeah. Then I finally got to sleep at like 3ish. So, I’m way tired now. But it was a pretty good night.

Oh, one last thing.

Aaron had his atv shining its headlights on the smaller atv because it wasn’t working. He was standing on the side and was rocking it back and forth. I was standing across from him looking at him and he said, “My girlfriend was sitting on here and I came up on here and started tipping it like this and freaked her out.”

Ava Estelle

Present day me: This was a good memory where everyone was together having a good time and I got some nice time in with Aaron. That was the first time he confessed to me about having a girlfriend, and he did it very nonchalantly. I think he thought of me as a friend and felt comfortable sharing that information with me at that point. I remember just being like, oh okay when he told me. It made a little more sense since he wasn’t asking me out or anything. But I was still happy to hang out with him.

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