April 13, 2008

April 13, 2008


I have gotten 2 messages from Courtney. Here’s what one said, subject: hi. I got it on April 6th. “Hi Ava, what is up sorry we have not talked lately it just seemed like you did not want to me very much please write back and maybe we could do something again. Courtney P.S. Please write back and what is your cell number”

I haven’t written her back. Then I received another one today. Subject: we should talk. Well, all it basically said was, if you want things to be good again between us you have to make the first move. I read it out loud to Meryl and she said it sounds like we’d broken up. Haha. Yeah, soooo I’m not going to message her back. A) I’m grounded from the computer still and B) I honestly don’t want to.

So, since it’s Sunday night it’s the end of another weekend. It had snowed here Friday night, but it was mostly gone this afternoon. So, we stayed at the cabin Saturday night. There was no sign of Aaron being home. So, no luck there. Oh well, probably after last weekend he’s too embarrassed? That would be pretty funny. Um, so I took him off my top 8 on myspace today. I think I’m just going to go slow, way slow. And only be obsessive to myself. Because everyone else makes fun of me. But whatever. I would totally go out with him, but I don’t know…  my impression of him isn’t what I thought he’d be like…but whatever. If he wants me, he can come and get me and if I happen to flirt or be some kind of bait I hope he’ll enjoy it! Even if he does have a girlfriend, I don’t care!

Present day me: Wow. Reading this at age 29, makes me feel bad for Courtney. I handled my friendship with her very poorly and back then I thought I was being cool and getting closer with other people. It was a mess. Thankfully I have been able to reconnect with Courtney as adults and I call her a good friend today.

I remember having thoughts of who’d have a crush on me, who’d be looking at me when and just feeling into boys so much and looking cute. Teenage years, sigh. I’m glad to have made it through those times.

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