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April 18, 2008


April 18, 2008


Well today started out alright. But during first hour gym some bitch stole my ipod touch out of my backpack in the locker room. I didn’t find it during second hour study hall, so I freaked out and texted mom, dad and Tabitha. So, I told the officer during lunch and he wrote down all my information and gave me a form to fill out. So, I have to have it back to him on Monday. My school ID is in my case and my ipod is so personalized to me. ALL of my contacts, and phone numbers, pictures and my beloved music. JEEZ! I hope whoever took it realizes how much that ipod belongs to me and just hand it into the office on Monday. But if I ever find out who did it… that won’t be pretty…well, more later. I’m pretty tired.

Ava Estelle

Present day me: I remember this day and feeling really stupid I left my backpack unlocked. The reality was I always left it unlocked, sitting on the bench by the lockers, nothing was ever stolen until that day. It really sucked!!

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