April 21, 2008

April 21, 2008

Monday – 8:57pm

So today, back at school without my ipod ☹ Yeah. I really miss it. I thought about stealing someone else’s ipod but then decided not to. So, I got home from school rode bikes to DQ with Eddie, got home and started my homework. I ate dinner then went up to the lake. Me, Meryl and Dad went. So, me and Meryl were playing badminton in the yard and Aaron rides his atv over and me and him talk to for like two seconds. Find out he didn’t have school today and he was on his way over to I’m guessing Tori’s place. She lives down the street in the blue house with the trampoline if I’m right. So, I get home and call Rhonda, talk to her about seeing Aaron and then finish my homework.

So yeah, I didn’t feel any pangs of jealousy when I saw Aaron and (I’m guessing) Tori laying on her trampoline. And I didn’t feel any like pangs when I was talking to him so, I don’t have a crush on him anymore. Which is good, I guess.

<3 Ava out!

Present day me: I think I was just really disappointed that Aaron ended up seeing a girl that lived down the street and not me. She did live there full time, rather than me and my family going to the cabin on the weekends and sometimes during the week. I guess now that I’ve revisited these entries about Aaron, maybe he was interested in me for a second but decided I wasn’t a good choice for him for whatever reason. We did hang out as friends and he got to know my friends a little, which was pretty cool anyway.

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