May 2, 2008

May 2, 2008

Friday 10:37pm

So, at home. Just chillen out. Went to school, then drivers ed, then went to the mall with mom. Eh, it was okay. I got a new outfit and a dress for a school trip. Which was good. So, tomorrow we’re going up to the cabin…I do not want to go! This is the first time I haven’t wanted to go to the cabin since I met Aaron. Ugh! So I’ve been commenting with Tori….hehehehe. She asked me if she knew me, and if I went to her school. I said, no but I’ve seen you up by the lake because I have my cabin up there. But she hasn’t commented back yet. Anyway… I was on myspace before, and I have never liked my about me sections….so! I’m going to try and write a good one!

<3 Ava *Feeling better about life!

Present day me: Oh myspace comments. Lol.

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