June 22, 2008

June 22, 2008


Well let me write all about this past weekend.

Thursday night the ktown clan came up. Kind of late so they pretty much just got here, and we went to sleep. Then on Friday we all woke up around 8:30-9ish. Us girls played some volleyball, but there was still dew all over the grass, so it was kind of cold and wet. So, we decided to play apples to apples and listen to music. So, I plugged in my ipod speakers and let Gayle manage the music. We then went for a walk into town. Their mom gave Linda $30 because we had to get more than just candy for all the kids. On our walk there Bob had his big white car and almost ran us over, we didn’t know who he was, so we were kind of freaking out. They all started laughing as they passed.

So, we’re walking on the bridge and Gayle wants to get a picture of her and Linda. So, Linda pulls out her camera from the case and the $20 flys out. It went straight into the river, and I stepped on the ten. Gayle went crazy. She called her dad with my phone and told him. I guess he laughed. But anyway, I just got a packet of starbursts and everyone at them all. Gayle ate all of the strawberry banana ones. They were the best kind. So, once we got back we went on the pontoon. Went swimming and tanned a little bit. It was good. Then us four girls paddle boarded back. Then we just pretty much chilled for the rest of the day.

Saturday: summer solstice. We get up and use girls want to go out somewhere like see a movie, go bowling or do whatever. So, we managed to get the moms to take us out for ice cream. I get a chocolate chip cookie dough cone. Before getting ice cream the moms had to stop at the grocery store to pick up some liquor. As we were walking past all the checkouts all the baggers were looking at us. They happened to be all boys. 😊 after visiting town, we just came back and rode the atvs a bunch. And played some board games.

Best part!

So having it be summer solstice dad had a bonfire and Bob shot off fireworks. Earlier in the evening me and Gayle went for a walk down past Tori’s house. And we saw Aaron’s atv there. So, Gayle and me were talking about ways to spy on Tori and Aaron. It was really funny. Back to the bonfire. We had to get two chairs from down by the lake. Me, Meryl and Gayle went down there. Once we got back up, we saw Austin standing by the bonfire. Gayle told him he should go get Aaron and just as we were talking about that we hear Aaron’s atv coming back from Tori’s. But he showed up. And we decided to play sardines. I hid first but on my way to a hiding spot I tripped on a big fricken stump and landed on my chin. It hurt so bad. I ran behind a tree and decided to run across the yard to get away from them, but Eddie got me and I fell to the ground. Then we decided to go inside and we played apples to apples. 10 people total! It was fun! I got to just sit kind of diagonal from Aaron. I won stunning from him. 😊 haha. Then we just talked and the guys flicked bottle caps at each other. It as kind of cool. Austin, Jake and Eddie were on the side with the sliding doors and Aaron, and I were on the other side. Then we started talking again, I showed Aaron my temps. And we talked about driving a little bit. Then we wanted to play a game outside. But we only made it to the deck. And talked some more. Then came back inside, talked more. I asked Aaron what he did today, and he said he went to work, then a junkyard with his dad and he took a nap. He didn’t say anything about going over to Tori’s. But he did mention her. I said I should meet her. He said yeah, that’d be fun. Then they started talking about puppies. Aaron and Austin have a black lab and a husky, and they had puppies. Six weeks old, so at 12:30am we went over to their house and each of us got to hold a puppy. They were just opening their eyes. SO CUTE! So, then we came back here and went to bed. I got up and texted some people, “Guess who I hung out with last night!”

Ava Estelle

Present day me: This was one of the fun times I had with Gayle and Linda. We were a bit older, and we had more of the same interests. It was nice to have a smooth time with her. I remember hanging with Aaron after knowing he had a girlfriend, who lived just down the street. It was a little weird to me, but I figured we were neighbors, he could hang with Eddie if he wanted to as well. I don’t know what he was telling Tori…. It was probably easy for him to come and hang out at my house after being at Tori’s because she couldn’t see my house from hers. He could just pop over, and she thought he was going home.

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