August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008

Tuesday 10:17pm

Today I rode my bike down to the dog hut to meet Paula. She showed up and we walked over to the park. While we were walking, we heard a band playing, so when we arrived we walked over to the football field to see the concert band of my high school! So, I got to see Hannah, Bridget, Jessica and Erin. Then Paula and I went over by the big slides. We hung out at the playground for a bit. Then walked next to the lake looking for a place to dip our feet. We found one after a while then walked back to her house. We made peanut butter sandwiches with m&m’s and some mountain dew. Then we walked over to the middle school. We sat inside of door 1 and ate and talked for a while. Then we saw the principal get out of his car to come inside so we left. Got back to her house, watched Wayne’s World and then I left.

While we were walking back from the school we were talking about food and earlier I tried pickles dipped in mustard. So combined it’d be pustard!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: lol, pustard. This is a cathartic memory where I was spending one on one time with a friend who went to a different high school than me. I’m really grateful for the friendship we continued with after middle school for a few years.

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