August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008

Sunday 8:47pm

Yesterday I had my sweet sixteen birthday party. Paula arrived first around 1. We took our bubbles and went for a walk down the street without our shoes on. Bad idea. The blacktop was so hot, our feet are burning. We walk all the way down to the street just before the county highway. Then we walk back, and we see Tabitha, Catherine and Beth come down the street. They have music cranking. So, we all go down into the back room and have some snacks and talk for a little bit. Paula had blisters on her feet, and I was getting them. So, it’s about 2 o’clock and us 5 kinda chill out, take pictures, talk and just do whatever.

Then around 3:30-4 we see Aaron and Austin walk over to us in the driveway and they’re carrying one of their puppies! We all say hi, and we named the puppy Noah after the guy in The Notebook. Aaron didn’t like the name. But we stood there and talked for like 15 minutes, I guess. Then they leave. We go for another walk and Rhonda shows up. We tell her we had just seen Aaron and his puppy, so we walk over to his house. And when we get there, I told Rhonda to tell Aaron Thank You. AND she gave him a hug! It was good. I laughed so hard. After that we walked back, and Rhonda changed into her dress. We take a few more pictures and then go sit on the deck.

We play the game Never Have I Ever. After a little while the guys and Katie show up. We played a little while longer then went to the front of the house. We did presents and cake and dinner. We took walks in between all that too. And we just pretty much hung out by the firepit. Once it got dark everyone was getting cold, so we changed out of our dresses and into clothes and walked out into the street to play Truth or Dare. The worst er, most interesting thing was Brandon got dared to kiss me on the cheek and he did. Paula was sitting between us, so she leaned back. It was nice, I guess. We played around with the glow sticks I had given everyone, and made smiley faces, staring contests with them around our eyes, spelled words – boobs – and talked about explicit commercials we have seen. After a while we got really cold, so we huddled together.

I was between Brandon and Beth. Brandon was like grinding up against me and Paula and grabbing our butts. It was pretty funny. We kept having to move out of the way for cars, but after one I got to stand in the middle of everyone. I was inside the Circle of Warmth. It was sorta weird. Then it became 10 o’clock and the guys left along with Katie. I wish they didn’t have to leave. So, we go inside and lay down in the loft and talk about the night. Paula thinks me and Brandon would be a good couple…I don’t know…maybe? Rhonda, Tabitha, and I talked about Aaron and me. Rhonda asked me if he asked me out what would I say. I’d say yes, just to see what would happen. Like I obviously don’t like him as much as I did. So, yeah.

I’m actually glad Aaron couldn’t come for the whole time; it would have been awkward. So yeah, I think we finally all fell asleep at like 4am. Half of us wanted to sleep earlier but some of us kept everyone awake. We all woke up at quarter to 10. Went swimming, er skinnydipping! And this time, we had time to swim around naked. I did somersaults and stuff. We used one of the pink rafts to hold our suits. Everyone got naked except Rhonda and Tabitha. They didn’t go swimming. Then we got out and tanned/dried off out in the street. Our favorite place. Took pics, talked, figured out what time everyone was going to get picked up. Then we changed, packed up and they wrote on my board. It was the best birthday party I’ve ever had!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: when we’d go skinnydipping we’d get into the water with our suits on, then remove them under the water and just be naked in the water. We then put our suits back on while in the water before getting out. It was a very freeing experience! This birthday party was the first time a few of my friends visited my cabin. It was a really awesome feeling to have so many people comfortable enough to drive 30 minutes out of town to spend my birthday with me.

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