September 14, 2008

September 14, 2008

Sunday 8:02pm

Last night was Tabitha’s 15th birthday party. It was so much fun! We all got there around 7. I had made a cake, chocolate. There were 7 of us, Tabitha, Hannah, Rhonda, Bailey, Grace, Maddy and me. So, we just sit around her living room and all talk about stuff. Then at like 8:30 we must go to the grocery store to pick up more smores stuff and drumstix (ice cream cones) so Grace drives all of us in her van! We get to the store and kind of just all split up and get food. We knew this one fat guy who worked there, and he gave them the marshmallows and such. We took video and pictures while Rhonda, Bailey, Tabitha, and Hannah were buying the food. Grace, Maddy and I ran around the store telling everyone “Happy Saturday Night” that we saw. They didn’t like that very much. So, we get back to the cashiers and those four weren’t there so we wait next to the doors for them to come back in looking for us and three guys who look like seniors leave, they’re looking at us. We end up going out there and Grace is like, “They’re probably in the van, I left it unlocked.” Turns out they were. We all pile in and go back to Tabitha’s house. We unpack the drumstix and put in the CD that I made. We listened to the vagina song by the bloodhound gang. Then tried to find the music video on youtube but we found other *ahem* music videos. Then we ate my cake, and put chocolate frosting on our faces, took pictures, danced to the music. Then we kinda chilled out for a bit and played Never Have I Ever, right before Rhonda left. After she left, we all went outside and over to the elementary school nearby to play night games. We walk over to the playground and see three guys playing frisbee in the parking lot. Grace walks over to them and asks to play, then we realized they were the same guys who were at the grocery store. They said they were 22 and 23. We told them our real ages. Then they left, we just stand there on the edge of the grass. Then two guys and a girl come over to us and ask which middle school we went to. We walked away from them; they were smoking something. Grace yells back at them, “we’re from out of town!” they just insulted us while we were walking away. They were following us and then they left. We didn’t want to walk directly to her house, so we just stood by the batting net for a while and talked, then went and walked around her house the long way, in the shadows. We go back in and just sit and talk and chilled. We all went to sleep around 3 and woke up at like 8ish. And I was the last one there, we also had smores for breakfast. It was a really fun party!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: The town I grew up in had weird people in it. This memory was a fun one to revisit. I remember telling strangers “Happy Saturday Night” and my two new friends finding it so funny and entertaining to do. I felt so cool!

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