November 29, 2008

November 29, 2008


These past few days were Thanksgiving break. It was alright. We went down to Oma and Opa’s on Wednesday. We just arrived and hung out and went to bed. The next day was thanksgiving. Meryl, Eddie and I went swimming and we had dinner. It was really good. There was only 8 of us. We went for a walk and hung out again. Mom, dad and Eddie went to the Phillips that night. Meryl and I stayed because Opa was taking us to the mall and Oma picked us up. So, we went to the mall on Black Friday. Wasn’t very busy. I got a new sweatshirt from Aeropostale, we got a twilight shirt and Queen shirt. Colorful mascara, aviators! Yeah, Oma took us to the Phillips, and we just hung out there. Us four girls were there most of the day together and we all got along, and it was good.

Then we left this morning, got home, unpacked, and went to rent a movie.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I was so lucky to have grandparents with a house that had an indoor pool. It was great to be able to go swimming to get away from all of the adults. I also find it so crazy that a mall on black Friday in 2008 wasn’t that busy….

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