December 28, 2008

December 28, 2008


So, my Christmas/new year’s party was last night. It was more of a get together than a party. Only 6 people could come. Tabitha, Hannah, Rhonda, Paula, Ashley, and Kyle. I had fun though. We all got here and played apples to apples – kind of a slow game. We kept trying to call Aaron, but nobody was answering so after a little while me, Paula and Rhonda walked over there. The dad was outside, and I asked if Aaron was home. He’s like, “They’re inside.” (Tori’s car was in the driveway) so we go up to the door and knock. And his dad says we can just go in and make a lot of noise. So, I open the door and we come in. I say hello. But it wasn’t loud enough. Paula and Rhonda yelled Aaron! At the same time, we thought they were in the basement so we were really yelling down the stairs, but they came in through the kitchen (I’m guessing) and Aaron’s hair was all messy and I could tell Tori had just put her shirt back on. They seemed surprised to see us. They’re like, “Hi,” Tori said hi to me. I felt like a little kid, I’m like, “Do you want to come over to play apples to apples?” they said they’d be over in 20 minutes. And they never showed up. Shocker! So, we played guitar hero and DDR. Heavy with four people. It was sweet! We ate dinner (lasagna) oh and Ashley left like right before dinner. We watched the house bunny and Jeff Dunham. Hung out for a bit and then Kyle left at 11. We stayed up til 3 talking and laughing. Paula left at 9. And the other three left at noon. And I just was bored for the rest of the day. Yep!


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: This is the first time I’m remembering this moment of going into Aaron’s house. I could not believe this happened until I read this entry twice. Hah.

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