January 3, 2009

January 3, 2009


In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Me, Meryl, Eddie, Mom, Phoebe and dad woke up this morning at 3:15 to get on our flight to here at 6:30. Well we flew from Minneapolis to Denver then to here. We arrived at 12:30pm. We got a taxi ride to the hotel and met everyone else. It was a pretty good first day of vacation. The hotel is the nicest we’ve ever stayed at. The room’s balcony (which I’m sitting in right now) is massive. We could fit like 20 people on here. It even has a jacuzzi! The rooms are way nice too. Both bathrooms have tubs as well as shower stalls. As soon as we got to the hotel we unpacked and went out to the pool to meet everyone.

Eddie, Meryl and I walked on the beach. We can’t go swimming because there are bad rip tides. So, we all got food and hung out at the pool. Then everyone except the grandkids went grocery shopping so we hung out with Meredith and Susie. Meredith and I ran around the whole hotel. They came back, we ate and then all us girls went down to the firepits and took some pictures. Aunt Margot showed us the dark room and I took a video of it. It’s pretty awesome. So that’s it for now. Oh, and it’s raining in Ecuador until Monday. But oh well. At least it didn’t start on Monday. So, I’ve been up for like seventeen hours.

I only got three hours of sleep last night because I went to Ashley’s sledding party. Which was really fun! A great thing to do the night before I leave. So yeah. I guess if you don’t want something, no I mean if you think something is going to go badly and you’re not excited about it, then it will actually not be that bad. So, I’m thinking this could potentially be the best vacation yet!


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: This might’ve been a vacation I wasn’t excited for because I was so involved with my friends and spending time with them.

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