January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009

Beach/Pool day

Instead of swimming I read a book called Anatomy of a Boyfriend, all of it. It’s a good book, dirty but good. I want Rhonda to read it. It is also pretty funny. So yeah. I’m sitting in the balcony writing in here and listening to that dirty song – Give it Up by Pepper. Wow. Today is just a *potatoes* filled day for me. Haha. Mentally not physically. Reading about it and listening to it. Haha. Today has been a good day. It’s probably around 3ish pm, not really sure and the weather is pretty overcast so no hope in the getting tan department today. Dang. Oh well. I have the rest of the week yo! And at the moment I don’t miss anyone, yet. I know I will. But its good to be out of town and away from the cabin. And after reading this book, sorta makes me want a boyfriend more. Ugh! That’s like the only thing I desperately want right now. And I might just be desperate. At Ashley’s sledding party Brandon was there, I hadn’t of seen him since Andrea’s party and like I had a feeling when I first saw him… a like kind of awkward feeling at first around him. Ugh! I don’t want to like him like that at all. It would screw lots of things up. And like both of Brandon’s friends were there and picking on me. I accidentally kicked Brad where it really hurts when I came sliding into him. And I helped Grace hide Devin’s shoe…it was pretty funny. Anyway, I NEED to meet some new guys that I can get into. Yeah. I guess that’s all I have to write down for now. So, I guess I’ll go back down to the pool by Oma.

Hasta Luego!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I was so eager to experience what all teenagers are curious about, being intimate with another person aka, sex. Hahaha. I also didn’t want to be interested in the guys in my class because I had a preference for guys who were older than me, from a year to a few years. No more than 3 years older than me at that point. So when there as a possibility that Brandon and I liked each other I didn’t want to/it.

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