January 17, 2009

January 17, 2009

Saturday 11:00am

It has been a week since Mexico. It’s been an okay week. We got home at 1 in the morning on Sunday. I just unpacked and got ready for school the next day. Monday, I got to school, handed out the rest of my Christmas presents to everyone. It was really good to be back at school and it turned out the things I had gotten from my teachers had put me ahead of the class. I had to drive myself to school on Tuesday and Wednesday because dad was in Hong Kong. Those two days were freezing, not good days to have to walk from mom’s work to school.

Turned out on Thursday and Friday it was too cold for school. We had two days off which was good, but bad because we’re really close to finals now. So, on Thursday I helped mom and Eddie put away the Christmas decorations and then Hannah picked me up to go to her house. We went snowmobiling, it was really cold out, but we bundled up really well. We came in after about an hour and a half. We played wii and talked. We had heard that we probably won’t have school on Friday. So, Hannah asked if I could stay over, I thought it would be fun. So, I called mom to ask her and to bring me my stuff. She agreed. We stayed up til 1 talking to people on facebook and talking to each other.

I set an alarm for 5am. We prayed before we fell asleep to not have school in the morning. We fell asleep and right at 5 Kayla texted me saying we had no school! I told Hannah and we slept in until 9am 😊 we had breakfast, I played wii and they took me home.

Then me, Eddie and dad came to the cabin last night. Dad and I stayed up until 3am talking about mom’s side of the family and friends of mine and a few other things. Oh, and we haven’t seen one of the cats since Sunday night. So, dad made some fliers that we’ll have to put up.

So, I guess that’s it for now. I could write more, but it’s not that important. So, I’ll be done.

<3 Ava Estelle 😊

Present day me: Wow, to be 16 again, living in a freezing climate where school is cancelled and I can just hang out with my friends.

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