January 25, 2009

January 25, 2009

Sunday 7:19pm

This past weekend I went to the Kalahari with Hannah! But first let me write down about Friday. We had finals, so school started a half hour later. So, it was Rhonda, Hannah, Kyle and I talking. We talked about nasty stuff. And then Rhonda says she had a mint chocolate condom in her backpack that she’d gotten from Crissy. Funny, huh? Rhonda gave the condom to Kyle. Funny because Hannah and him broke up this past Monday. But it was one of the funniest conversations ever! Brandon came over and I told him Rhonda had given Kyle a condom. Brandon was really surprised. We had finals – world studies, I don’t think I did very good on that one. Then wrote an essay on Of Mice and Men. I think I did really good on that and then we had an hour and fifteen-minute lunch!

Samantha, Ivy, Gwen, Rhonda, Hannah, Tabitha and I went to Taco Bell! I had a chicken taco. It was pretty good. It was freezing outside! So, we got back and I took my geometry final, I think I did really good on that one too. After school Rhonda and I went to Hannah’s house, then the Kalahari!

It was so much fun!! We went swimming and hung out around the hotel. Rhonda, Hannah and I sat on some couches and talked for a little while but then some guys came and sat on the couch next to us, so we went back up. We came back down later, sat at a different couch and then two girls (our age) came up and asked us for drugs. And then Bobby and Greg were with us, and this little kid yelled at him to suck his balls. We got that on video! Haha. Greg is so funny! We ended up staying up until 1, we messed around with the elevators, ate chocolate and ice cream and yeah.

The next morning, we got up and got ready. We went to the theme park. Rode on the Ferris wheel, go karts, merry go round and laser tag. There was a really hot guy in a red shirt that we saw down there. We all were so exhausted by the end we left at about 3pm. And got home later. It was a good time! Today I went to church with mom, and we went to the humane society and asked them if they had any kittens that look like ours, they had one who had gotten frost bite and was at a foster home. But it wasn’t ours. I didn’t know where he could have gone. I’m thinking he’s probably dead from the cold. I miss him. ☹


Ava Estelle

Present day me: At this time my family had three cats. The cat that was lost, was the most recent cat. We found him at the cabin the summer before and he never got along with our other cats. We think when we got home from Mexico and let the cats out, which we did regularly, they’d come back. Our little kitty didn’t come back that winter.

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