February 1, 2009

February 1, 2009

Sunday 8:47pm

Friday I stayed home from school partly because I have a cold and partly because it’s raining in Ecuador pretty hard. So, I just chilled out at home, read Breaking Dawn. Then Phoebe texted me asking if I’d want to go to the mall to look for another dress because the one she got for me is more of a prom dress.

So we went to Younkers, Deb, Macy’s and Express. I found one at Younkers and she ended up buying it for me because I couldn’t get a hold of my parents. So, I came home and mom was the only one here. I made a pizza for dinner. On Saturday I had band practice at 10 in the morning. Then Samantha and I went to wal-mart after because I had to pick up some nail polish remover. I stopped at Tabitha’s dads to pick up $10 because she didn’t go to the dance and I had bought her a ticket. I came home and got ready, did my nails, make up and mom did my hair. I picked up Rhonda at like 5 and we went over to Ashley’s house to meet Hannah, Gwen, Kayla and Delia. We took pictures, ate food, listened to music and chilled. Hannah and I left around 8 to go to the high school. We got there at the same time as Brandon, Harry, and Garret. I was so excited. We checked our stuff in and started dancing! We danced on a table and I grinded with Brandon like a ton! And I danced with a lot of other people. A lot of our friends didn’t come, but it was still a ton of fun! They played really good music and we were all comfortable with each other. After the dance I went to Perkins with Hannah, Delia, Kayla, Gwen, and Ashley. We all got food. Breakfast and dinner. I was so hyper! It was a perfect thing to do after a dance! We were there until 2am. It was really busy! Hannah stayed over. We both slept in my twin bed. We talked for like an hour and went to sleep. This was an awesome weekend!

Ava Estelle

Present day me: I miss being awake enough to go to perkins that late at night and just have a good time!

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