February 12, 2009

February 12, 2009


 Today was a pretty good day at school. We had a potluck lunch! I brought white cheddar pasta roni, Delia brought mac and cheese, Beth brought ramen noodles, we had bread, blueberry muffins, Nutella with rolls, cupcakes and cookies. So good! And we had a Spanish test, which I think I did really good on! Yesterday Bailey and I finally went to Sonic! We got large slushies and large tater tots. She drove and we didn’t go over the curb when we went through the drive thru. Which was a victory! It was her first time going through a drive thru. She did good. Oh! And David has been texting me lately, which is fine. I still want to be friends with him. I gave him Hannah’s number because he asked for it. So, he texted her last night too. I guess he thinks she’s really cute and well who (out of all guys) doesn’t? anyway, I’m glad me and him are friends. I kind of feel like I want to hang out with him again…. maybe. But I don’t know where and when and with who exactly. Who knows… the night before last night Rhonda had a really funny dream about her and Cameron and then me and Nathan. We were in a contest to not touch each other for three hours and we had to stand a foot away from each other and the prize was a night at the  hotel. Nathan and I couldn’t handle not touching each other for three hours so we went away. So, Rhonda and Cameron won. Hannah comes in holding a cat in her arms. Nathan and I come back and told everyone Nathan bought the hotel. Let’s go party there! Hannah said, I want to come! I told her it was couples only. She holds up the cat and said, I have a boyfriend! Meet Ginger! SO FUNNY! Rhonda had another dream that Nelly got pregnant, so she told Rhonda and her first words were, “CAKE AND ICE CREAM!” hahaha yeah. I’ve laughed with Rhonda SO MUCH these past two days. We talked about “pickle” juice today. Pretty great thing to talk about. Haha. G’night!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: This entry is basically a collection of inside jokes and good memories. This was right before I would get my first job and things changed a lot.

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