February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009


This past weekend was alright. Saturday was the fishery. Us girls went into town and “shopped.” We got ice cream and went to a few really lame stores. Everywhere in town is kind of gross. We had a big turkey dinner that night with amazing stuffing! Eddie, Meryl and I took a video of us talking like Darth Vader. It’s really funny! Sunday we all got up, hung out. They left about lunch time. Meryl and I drove home. I cleaned and unpacked because Hannah and Rhonda were coming over for the night. They both got dropped off. Hannah and I had gone to rent movies. We hung out, talked to David on the phone. Rhonda and he got into a fight. He and I were texting, and he wanted to know what Hannah thought of him. He likes her. Ugh! Another creeper. Anyway. We made chocolate cake. And then at like 10:30 Harry and Brad show up. We sat in the kitchen talking with them until like 12:15am! Then we sat in Harry’s car for a bit. It was one of the dirtiest conversations ever! But so funny! We went to bed at like 3am.

Today we woke up at 8! Way too early. We had more cake for breakfast, and we found a candy bouquet at the front door. Rhonda left at like 10:30. I took Hannah home. Came back, cleaned, got ready, then she came back over, and we got gas and went to the mall! Tried on crazy awesome clothes. And then came back here. I had a doctor’s appointment. And I got the meningococcal meningitis shot. And I came back home, finished watching My Best Friend’s Girl – good movie – and I took Hannah home again. Yep, good last 24 hours!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: This entry makes me remember all the things I’d do with my friends. Go to the mall, have guy friends stop by to chat, surprisingly until late at night. The town I was referring to in this entry is the town nearest to the cabin my family had at the time.

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