March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009


This past weekend was alright. Friday night was Uganda Rock, it was kind of lame. The bands were okay, the music was too loud for their voices. I took Tabitha with me. And the whole time Hannah was with Kyle. They were dancing together and that made Rhonda and I kind of mad at her because she was still hanging on Kyle in front of Tommy, who likes her. So, there’s two guys liking her now. I guess Kyle and Hannah left together holding hands, and when Rhonda had to leave (half an hour early) her and I looked around for them but couldn’t find them in the cafeteria, so we go out to the commons and see them alone on the other side of the room by the doors. Rhonda wanted me to go over there with her but I didn’t want to so I told her to call me tomorrow. I didn’t want to go over there because I was mad at Hannah and I didn’t want to say something mean or give them evil looks, which I really would of done. So, what Rhonda told me on Saturday is when she left, Hannah tried to give her a hug, but she didn’t let her and glared at her and then Kyle tried to give her a hug and she told him, don’t touch me then she stormed out. So, I took Tabitha and Maddy home. Saturday, I bummed around at home, made banana bread and mom and I went to Shopko. I got some light blue flip flops.

Saturday night I had pep band at the ice center. Kyle and Hannah were there along with Samantha, Tabitha, Rhonda and others but those were the ones I talked to. Pretty much the whole time she was talking to Kyle. At one time I was sitting behind Kyle, and he leaned on my knees and like swayed back and forth. It was really weird. And Hannah seemed jealous that he was touching me and not her. Ridiculous. Anyway. During the first period Hannah and Tabitha were sitting in front of me and Rhonda so us two talked more about her. We never used names just he’s and she’s. I don’t know if she heard us or not. And I don’t really care, because she’s not going to do anything about it anyway. So, our school ended up losing the hockey game, which means we aren’t going to state. Everyone was really sad. Tabitha and I were pissed. But yeah, that’s my life at the moment. Oh! And I think Kyle and Hannah will go out again. I texted them both and it sounds like he likes her again which is good. I guess. Let’s just hope they don’t break up before Hawaii.

<3 Ava

Present day me: Reliving this entry as an adult made me laugh. This is a funny memory for me, even though it was a dramatic time and Rhonda and I were TOO obsessed with talking about Hannah when she was going out with guys. At the end of the day, it was jealousy and we were sixteen year old’s.

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