March 7, 2009

March 7, 2009

Saturday at the cabin.

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! I hate it. Wow. Something really complicated that I’ve gone over a million times in my head. I have to write it down because there is so much to this drama and so many possibilities and outcomes. So, Hannah and Kyle got back together, which nobody is happy about. But she obviously doesn’t care, because this is what she has wanted ever since they broke up. When they did break up, she was devastated, and that first weekend Rhonda, Hannah and I went to the Kalahari to celebrate Hannah’s 16th birthday. Us three talked a lot about Kyle and how him and her weren’t that great of a couple. We said that she wanted that relationship with him more than he did. So, we came to a conclusion that they were better off apart. Well, I thought we did. We also talked about sex, and she said that she wanted to have sex with him, well she had thought about it. But we said she can do better than that. All Kyle cares about is “getting some” and she wants a real relationship, along with “getting some.” So ever since then she’s still liked him and been trying desperately to get him back. And it just turned out that because she was trying so hard for that she put her flirting all the way to the top, that ditzy personality and she turns everything into sexual innuendo, and I mean EVERYTHING. Which can get slightly annoying after a while.

So, Rhonda and I have realized all this and aren’t happy with Kyle and Hannah going out again. We know what kind of guy she wants – someone who worships her and wears the pants in the relationship and treats her right. Kyle doesn’t do any of that. He doesn’t wear the pants; she puts more effort into it than him. These two have nothing in common, except their both dirty minded. That’s all they talk about. Anyway, through all this and her becoming desperate to have him back and getting back together the girls of our group have been thinking of a plan to break them up. Find another guy for her and another girl for him. Just got to find those two. But Rhonda and I (her two closest friends) have lost our respect for her, she sank down to the lowest to get him back when she knows he’s not worth it, but she is still attracted to him.

And Rhonda and I think she’s been taking us for granted because she thinks we’ll always be friends, but she drops us anytime, anywhere for Kyle. It’s gross. She’s done it in mid-sentence to Rhonda! Umm, I’ll write more later. Beth is texting me saying Rhonda and I have been ignoring her and she understands Hannah’s side of this. Yeah. I need to talk to Rhonda.

Present day me: reliving this entry isn’t very much fun. I find it somewhat nauseating I was that involved with another person’s relationship but we were teenagers and we were trying to protect our friend in a way.

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