March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009


Recap of my amazing vacation to Hawaii!

So, I had probably the best vacation ever this past week! When we were in the San Francisco airport for four hours I sat with a bunch of girls and we colored pictures for each other. And me, Rhonda and Hannah walked up and down the area and talked, we opened starbursts with our tongues and discussed the whole Beth and Nate situation because Beth ignored Nate for almost the whole trip, because she wanted this trip to be with friends not her boyfriend. Which is sad for him because he doesn’t like that idea at all so he started a notebook with Hannah and all they talk about is Beth. Anyway, the first night was sort of weird. We got there and had to go down to the lobby twice to reactivate our room keys. And it turns out that something in the door wasn’t activated so we finally got in and started unpacking. Then we went out to eat at subway and when Brandon saw us all the guys came and ate with us which was cool. We girls walked back by ourselves and finished unpacking and stayed up for a while talking about stuff including me and Brandon. 😊 I spent a lot of time with him on this trip, if he wasn’t such a player or flirt with so many girls I’m pretty sure him and I would be going out.

But anyway, the first full day there was good! We had the half day tour of Oahu and we stopped at various places to take pictures. Brandon and the guys were on a different bus than us, so we only got together at one of the stops during that. After that we had a free afternoon, so we went to the beach! Rhonda, Tabitha and I went straight into the water! We rode the waves and just enjoyed it. I was so happy to be swimming with friends in the ocean! Everyone else came over after they went out to eat. Rhonda, Tabitha, Brandon and I went back out into the waves. I tried to stay by Brandon, I think he liked my swimsuit. 😊 and like I wrote before, he carried me! Hehe. But he could have just been being nice… there were a lot of instances that week that steer toward he might like me. I found out him and I were in the same group for the scavenger hunt that night. Rhonda found out and she said, “It’s fate!” hehe. So that got me kind of excited for that night. Turns out though that I was completely exhausted during that so the scavenger hunt wasn’t that fun but hanging out with Brandon and Abby was.

The next day was the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was a long day. But fun. I pretty much explained all about today in the last pages, moving into the night of Tuesday (after we performed). We were all really hyper, so we went out shopping. Originally started all of us but we decided to have the girls and guys split up which was slightly awkward. I think Delia was jealous because the guys were hanging out with us more than her and Bridget. It’s not something we can control, Brandon just ends up tagging along with us when we leave the group. Honestly, I’m glad about that, but he can do whatever he likes. But while we went shopping that night I got pearls, a shell necklace and I think I was running a fever because I was insanely hot and I felt so tired, so we ended up going back and we went to bed. The next day (Wednesday) was snorkeling and the hike up to Diamondhead and that last night while we went shopping was probably the most fun I had with Brandon, him and I walked together and we kept bumping arms and flirting and the whole time Rhonda, Tabitha and Hannah were smiling at us. Maybe he is incredibly oblivious to my feelings for him…? Obviously Delia and Bridget aren’t, I just hope they don’t tell anyone because I don’t’ want people finding out and talking to me about it…. So, that’s pretty much my vacation. I wish I was still there.

Present day me: I love revisiting these journal entries about my band trip to Hawaii! It was an amazing trip and I made really great memories with my friends. It was also awesome to have a sort of flirtation-ship with Brandon during that week.

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