April 5, 2009

April 5, 2009


Another weekend gone by. Kind of a boring one. But didn’t have to go to the cabin! Yay! On Friday night (since I didn’t have any plans) Hannah and I went out. I drove and we went to Michael’s, Cold stone and the mall. It was good to just hang out with it just being the two of us. We went in the photo booth three times and to wet seal and tried on clothes. The whole time I was texting with Harry and Brad trying to get the low-down on where Brandon was hanging out that night. Turns out it was at Greg’s house. If it was someone’s house where I knew where they lived, then Hannah and I probably would of went over and crashed their party. But instead we hung out at the mall and I drove her home and we blasted music and rolled down the windows. And then on Saturday all 5 of us, my family, went to Aunt Brenda and Uncle Bill’s house for their son’s first birthday party. It was pretty boring. And today Meryl, Mom and I went to the mall and shopped. I handed in my applications and got new t-shirts. I had tried on a really hot dress at Yonkers and I put a picture of it on facebook and Brandon loves it. Hehe. I loved that dress too. But couldn’t buy it. Too bad. Maybe he will have a dream with me in it wearing the dress. 😊 hehe. Well I’m going to keep trying to get answers out of Devin.


Present day me: It’s comforting to read entries like this, just a regular weekend spent with friends and family.

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