April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009


Today was a boring day. But I got a job at Goodwill!!! 😊 So that’s good! I have to get a work permit and there’s orientation/training on Thursday at 4. So, I’m excited! And both of my parents are happy. We went out to eat at Pizza Hut with Cathy. Last night I mainly prayed for two things 1) to get this job! 2) Ferrari to ask me out. He wasn’t at school today, and I haven’t talked to him since Thursday. So maybe tomorrow he’ll be at school and talk to me? I hope so. At least to tell me how he feels about me. Even though I’d really like it if he’d ask me out. If that happened, life would be sweet! And everything would have a sort of purpose. 😊 But anyway, this past weekend was easter. We saw mom’s side. It was okay. I helped get easter dinner ready. Drove to Sentry 3 times in one day. And played wii! Oma had me, Meryl, Eddie and mom get her a wii. So she could have it and we could play it. My am is sore today from it. But it was a good weekend. I stayed at Delia’s house on Thursday night. We talked a lot about the guys and she is encouraging me to go out with Brandon. Which is good. 😊 and the next time the guys have a “dude night” her and I are going to crash it because we couldn’t that night. So yeah. That’s it for now. Party on Friday! Unless I have to work!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: Oh remembering before I got my first job, before so many responsibilities, before entering late teenage years and into adulthood….

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