April 26, 2009

April 26, 2009


YESTERDAY! Pretty great day!

I went to the mall with Brandon and Delia. I picked up Brandon at his house and we met Delia there. He wanted to get boxers, so we went all over. At Old Navy we found some with crabs on them, which I thought were so funny! And then we saw Hannah with Stacey! Weird, we thought Stacey hated her. They found us in Hot Topic. And Hannah stupid bitched with Stacey the whole two seconds we were talking with them. Brandon had gone to the back to look at stuff so us four girls were talking. Delia and I turned around to look for Brandon and those two just left without saying bye. It was awkward. We were walking down by Maurice’s and Riley (from middle school) comes up to us and gives us all hugs, she was with her boyfriend. That was weird, too. So, after the mall we went to Border’s. Brandon got a zombie magazine. Then we went to Target and looked at boxers there. There was a pair with “I <3 some girl’s name.” Delia and I are going to get that pair and put our names on it for his birthday along with the crab pair. After Target I had to take Bradon home because he was invited to go to Abby’s to see Gabby. Yeah. Bad, but he didn’t’ seem like he really wanted to go there. After that Delia and I were just driving around and we decided to go to Perkins. We picked up Andrea because we wanted a third person.

So we ate there and then went to Coldstone and sat in the car and ate our ice cream and talked, two people we knew were working at Coldstone, so that was kinda weird to see them. Then we went to drop off Andrea. We ended up staying there and talking for like two hours. And Delia helped me realize something about Brandon. We analyzed his past relationships and figured he had been pressured into all of them and I should talk to him saying that I don’t want to pressure him, I want to know what he’s feeling but I don’t want him to pull this “I don’t know how I feel” or “I have to think about it” because that isn’t a good answer. But whatever. I’m thinking of having him teach me how to play videogames – then we’d have something in common. 😊

Well that’s it for now.


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: The stupid bitch saying was used when one person would try and talk at the same time as another person, usually the end of the sentence or talking part. It made some of us laugh when we had a name for it and realized how much Hannah did that with everyone she was around. Brandon DID end up dating Gabby, after this date. So knowing he had spent all day with me and Delia, then seeing Gabby was telling…. This is a comforting entry to revisit as an adult. I had so much packed into one day!

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