June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009


Sunday – came home from the cabin.

Monday – work 5 to 9, scrapbooked.

Tuesday – frisbee! TGI Fridays & basketball.

Wednesday – scrapbooked and shopped with Meryl.

Thursday – mall with Paula and Garrett’s birthday.

Friday – cleaned and tanned.

Saturday – work?

So this past Monday at work, Hunter was there but we didn’t have break together. But I had break with Derek. He asked me if I had any plans for the summer. I said, nope just hang out with friends. He asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said no. He’s like, don’t want one? I said I do want one just haven’t found anyone. He asked if I think anyone at work is cute. I said I don’t know I haven’t really looked I’ve been out on the floor most of the time. He’s like, yeah. Derek is nice and friendly but not that cute and he talks weird. But whatever. During the closing time he held the door open for me and stuff so now he’ll probably try to get my attention since I’m single. Work should be interesting now. 😊 especially if Hunter might like me also. On Tuesday Delia, Harry, Garrett, Devin, Craig, Adam and Holly played frisbee and hung out at the soccer park. It was fun. We lost, but I basically just laughed the whole time. We were there for like four hours. Then Delia and I went to dinner at TGI Fridays, went back to her house and watched NCIS where the red light, yellow light, green light sexual harassment happened. Then we decided to have some guys over to my house to hang out, so Garrett, Brandon and Timmy came over and we played basketball, and that was fun, kind of awkward with Brandon. It’s been awkward with him. I think he thinks I still like him and I don’t so I guess I could just keep bringing up Hunter around him? Wednesday was overcast yet again. I took Meryl all over and I bought a wallet. It was a lazy day. Thursday was a good day. I went to the mall with Paula for a bit, we went and tried on dresses at Charolotte’s and Younkers, and went to the photobooth. It was nice to see her again. Came home and hung out with Delia. We made a cake for Garrett’s birthday, and some peanut butter brownies. We went out to Sonic for dinner, came back, frosted the cake and then went off to Garrett’s. we got to play Zombies with Garrett, Devin, Craig, Harry, Brandon, Timmy, Greg, and Billy. I had a lot of fun, we played outside and Delia and I just walked around, Greg was being really perverted and nasty with us two girls. And towards the end of the night Billy and Greg were flirting with us when those are the only two with girlfriends. I got home 15 minutes late because Harry got into my car, Craig freaked Delia out when she went to the other side of the car and Greg was flashing us and chasing after the car. It was fun. And today Opa is coming up for the weekend….yeah, strange. Whatever. And the sun is gone. ☹ I guess I’ll go and find something else to do.


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: It’s fun to relive these memories and remember how many people I had around me and all of the shenanigans we got into.

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