June 14, 2009

June 14, 2009


Went to work from 11-6:30. Longest day ever! So I had break with Derek, and he told me “You’ve got it going on,” so… I’m thinking that he likes me, because he kept flirting with me all day and asking me if I had any plans for the summer and what I was doing after work. When he found out I was working til close he was happy. So yeah on the way home, I followed him home. Turns out he lives on a street in my neighborhood, at least that’s where he went after work today. Hehe so I drove past on my way back from Burger King and saw him outside. Oh! And there was a guy that left me a note with his number to call or text him, he gave the note to Shirley while I was out on the floor, I guess he was in his 20’s. Tara told me about it while we were counting my drawer. He didn’t look creepy, just was a creeper for writing a note and not coming up to me. So yeah, that was my day. Now off to bed. G’night!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I remember Tara telling me about this note a guy left for me and I didn’t even receive the note because they made the decision that a 16 year old shouldn’t be connected with someone in their 20’s. Looking back on it I’m relieved and grateful they helped me out like that but at the time I was disappointed because I was loving all the attention I could get from other guys.

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