July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009


Just got done hanging with Hunter. It was weird. I came home from the cabin, and he was already here, walking around the block. He came in my house for a bit, met the cats and then we walked to the park. We talked about writing and school, drama, we ended up sitting on a bench by the river at the park and talked more.

He’s never had a girlfriend, his family thinks he’s gay because of that. We talked about his childhood, he didn’t have a great childhood, he had a best friend that ended up stealing things from him and he later moved away. Even face to face it was as like awkward as on the phone. He wants to help people with his life, that’s his life goal. It’s a good one, but I think he’s kind of too shy for it.

Later Paula and Alyssa ended up meeting us and we talked about things, played 20 questions, and never have I ever. I would have said never have I ever kissed a boy, but I thought that would kind of be weird. So, we walked down to the school to meet up with the guys and then Harry showed up. We all talked, and Hunter was kind of distant. Then the fireworks started, and Paula laid down a blanket and we all sat on it, except Hunter sat off to the side on the grass. Not even on the blanket. I sat right next to Harry to give Hunter room, but he didn’t move over. And then Harry started tickling me and all that stuff. Good ol’ Harry, I flirt with him way more than I flirt with Hunter. After fireworks we hung out a little bit longer. Harry ended up giving us a ride home and then Hunter left once we got back here – said he was feeling lightheaded. Sooo I don’t know about this kid Hunter. He’s nice and cute but not really funny, outgoing or interesting. I ended up calling Eric last night and talked to him about my night and he said I should talk to Hunter about being in a relationship and if he wants a relationship or a friendship. So yeah, that was my night that my parents don’t know about. They think I hung out with everyone that I did except Hunter. So yeah, now I have to drive back up to the cabin and hang out up there.


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I am laughing at the awkwardness that occurred during this hang out. Hunter wanted to hang out with me and meet my friends but wouldn’t like include himself in the group. Oh well, it’s a least a funny memory.

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