July 10, 2009

July 10, 2009


Day off of work.

Went to the mall with Delia, got a pair of pink sandals. Dropped her off, went up to the fair near the cabin with Eric and Taylor, met mom, dad, Eddie, and Meryl there. Hung out with the family and got lectures both from mom and dad because they found out Hunter was here last night. They told me I can be friends with people from work just can’t hang out with them because they’re older. It’s ridiculous. Mom even said I might have to quit my job if this keeps up. So mom said I had to come home with her tonight but then she complained about that. I even got in trouble for having Eric bring me up. Ugh! I found out where both Hunter and Eric live…and yeah. Oh and I stopped into Goodwill to finally drop off the two stereos in my trunk and saw Hunter. I got my paycheck – over $300!!! Worked 55 hours. Yeah life sucks but yet okay. I work with Hunter tomorrow so I guess I better tell him everything. Hopefully we’ll have a break together.

G’night <3

Ava Estelle

Present day me: reading this entry frustrates me a lot. My parents met two people I worked with, who were a little older than me, and to my parents they looked like low-life’s, even though they were perfectly fine people just working and getting by in life, but they weren’t “good enough” for me to be friends with. Even though being friends with people at work means hanging out with them outside of work too, not just playing nice while on the clock.

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