July 15, 2009

July 15, 2009


Hung out with Derek at the park. Went to work saw a girl from a church function but she didn’t recognize me. My cat is on my bed, he’s so cute. I spent the last of my money today, now I have to go to the bank tomorrow and take out mucho dinero because we’re going to Mall of America on Saturday. I kind of don’t want to go, it’s my weekend off of work and that means Hunter is off too so we could hang out. But oh well, we’ll be working together on Monday and I think we’ll get out at the same time, so maybe we’ll hang out then. I have to remember to check Delia’s cat everyday because she’s in Europe. I already miss her. Hmph. So when Hunter called me last night I was in the car with Delia. I was surprised, relieved and happy that he called. And when I called him back later we talked for an hour and twenty minutes. I’m thinking him and I should hang out soon, but he works every day and I work every night and I’ll be gone this weekend. So yeah. That’s about it. I really think Derek likes me, he texts me like all the time. But, whatever. This summer has been fun and it’s like half over so I hope the rest will be good.

G’night <3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: Oh, to be disappointed about going to Mall of America. I would LOVE to go in present day and experience it with my partner.

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