July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009


This past weekend we went to Minnesota for Eddie’s baseball tourney. We watched one of his games and then Meryl, mom and I went to Mall of America. It was okay. I got some things from Bath & Body Works and some clothes from Delia’s. We went to Uncle Ron’s house and had dinner and stayed the night.

The next morning we watched his game, they lost so they didn’t have to play anymore. I went home with Dad and Eddie. Got home, called Rhonda and walked around the neighborhood for like an hour talking to her. Then I called Hunter and talked to him for two hours, then my phone died.

I got home and really wanted to hang out with someone so I asked Derek if he’d want to meet at the park, so we did. I told my parents I was walking around the neighborhood and met up with some people from school at the park but really I was walking all over the city with Derek. We walked to different parks and then downtown. He gave me a piggyback ride over two dirt patches in the road construction and carried me bridal style over another. We hugged when we parted. It was fun. He’s dirty, but easy to talk to. Today I went to work with Hunter. We had lunch break together, but we didn’t talk because the team leader and like eight other people were in the room. So yeah. He ended up getting done at 4:30 and then waiting for me til 5 when I got off. We went to Delia’s house to check on her cat. I told my mom I was going to Brad’s to play rock band. Then Hunter and I went to Arby’s and ate down by the river. We ended up sitting there until 11 talking about everything. We even talked about him and I in a relationship. He said he’d probably have to meet my parents to let this work and I’m thinking I agree, but they could still not like him. Soo yeah, we obviously like each other and it’s good. We hugged when we departed. 😊 and yeah, I told him about night games, maybe I’ll get some together tomorrow night and invite him. It could be fun, if I get cold, he could warm me up and of course we’d be partners so hello! We’d hold hands! Hehe, so I guess I’ll text with Derek. Last night we basically had text sex, he told me a fantasy, it was….interesting. Anyway, I’m going to bed smiling tonight.


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I miss walking around the neighborhood talking on the phone with friends and seeing if I run into Derek hahahah.

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