July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009


Today I hung out with Derek and his friend Teddy. We walked down through a trail and walked to the gas station near downtown. Eddie was there with Billy and Carter. He said he was going to tell mom and dad. I was freaking out. I walked back home by myself, and Eddie and Billy came up to me and I told him I’ll do anything so he wouldn’t tell. He agreed to me buying him candy. I was so relieved. And so was Derek, I guess since he had off of work today, he was planning on spending all day with me but my brother ruined that. Oh well, I wouldn’t want to spend all day with him. So I came home and talked to Rhonda on the phone. Told her about last night, Hunter and I are basically dating. 😊 and told her about this morning. I went to check on Delia’s cat, man I miss her, and chilled there for a while. I found out the guys were having a video game night at Brad and Devin’s house. I called Hunter and we talked for about a half hour, he said he had fun last night 😊 and I could tell our phone conversation was a lot better. He sounded exhausted, so I might hang out with him tomorrow, I’ll have nothing else to do. So I ended up eating dinner here at home and then I picked up Kayla and went over to the guys’ house. We played Rock Band and the wii. After her, I and Harry went to sonic for some ice cream and then came home at 11:07pm. So yeah, that’s it for now. I guess I’ll go to bed. G’night!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I wish I still had a wii to use and play with! Rock Band was pretty fun too but I really miss playing DDR!

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