August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009



Work. 5-close. Hunter called me, guilt trip. Delia’s birthday party. Stayed the night with Tabitha, Rhonda, Beth, and Kayla. Lots of fun! Played BS and Spoons. Texted with Derek, read cosmopolitan magazine – hot naked men. <3


Perkins for brunch with the girls. Target with Delia for Brandon’s boxers. Went to the guys’ house, then Sonic, then I picked up Brad and Devin and went to Kayla’s for night games with Craig, Harry, Brad, Devin, Delia, Brandon and Grace. Brandon turned 17!


Panera with Brad, Devin, Delia, Katie and Jake. Went to Scheel’s with Delia, Brad and Devin, took the boys home. Picked up Paula, went to the mall, came home, ate dinner and got ready for the AMBUSH! Picked up Tabitha and went to Kayla’s. We filled up water balloons, went to Brandon’s house and got all the guys outside – we got them with the balloons and they got us with the hose and buckets. It was me, Tabitha, Kayla, Delia and Kayla’s sister. It was AMAZING! We waited outside for them for like 20 minutes. I tapped on the basement window and they heard. I took Tabitha home and got home at 11:45!


<3 Ava Estelle 😊

Present day me: I remember Hunter took our breakup really hard. I think he didn’t completely understand why I broke things off with him and I wasn’t equipped with being able to communicate it accurately with him. The ambush we girls did on the guys was so fun! We all got dressed up in black and wore sunglasses at night and it was successful!

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