August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009

NSFW entry.


Monday: met up with Derek after work at the park after Hunter called me after work. It was a pointless conversation. He wants to keep in touch and maybe later in life we could try out a relationship. I agreed to that, but it probably won’t happen just because of his personality. He also said that if I meet a guy that I want to be serious with then I should discuss it with him. (WHAT THE FUCK?) and he’d do the same for me. Uhm, so I just agreed with him and told him he could call me today, and he did but I didn’t answer. Ha! So anyway, I hung out with Derek for a bit and we talked about Hunter and he walked me almost home. We hugged like four times and then he like text sex that night. But there’s more on the days to come.

Tuesday: hung out with Delia. We went to Starbucks for her and then Sonic for me. And then to the soccer park with Brad, Devin and Craig. We ended up sitting and talking instead of playing frisbeee. Then we went to Bdubs with Kayla, Oscar and Sara. It was good! After that Delia and I went to her house to watch 10 Things I Hate About You and then came back to my house and went to bed. We were really tired.

Wednesday: Awesome day! I went tanning at the park and Derek joined me. We laid really close together and he kissed my hand and arm and my neck and upper chest. He gave me a back massage too. It was really nice. We were there for only 45 minutes maybe. Eddie saw us, but isn’t going to tell mom and dad. Ever since Derek shaved (!!!) he gained major hotness points! So later that day I picked up Tabitha and went to Kayla’s for Ambush #2! And night games. Me, Tabitha, Delia, Kayla, Sara, Cassie, Grace and Holly filled water balloons and got shaving cream to fill them with too. It was so much fun to get ready, we had shaving cream all over in my hair, well everyone’s hair, our clothes, eyes, ears and everywhere. We took a lot of pictures and got ready for the guys to show up at 7:30. They showed up – Craig and Timmy in one car and then Harry, Garrett, Brad and Devin in another. They wouldn’t get out of the car so we put shaving cream all over his windows. After like 10 minutes the for of them got out with water guns and opened the trunk up for water balloons. They had like 600. It was awesome. We girls had the hose, buckets of water and all our balloons. Maddy came later and she joined us. I didn’t want to get that wet so I stepped away and sat by the fire with Grace, Holly and Maddy. Then we ended up all changing and eating cake for Holly’s birthday. Then we went out to the fire, Brandon shows up 2 hours late. Then we attempted to play night games – kick the can and sardines. It became 11 o’clock and the guys left. And the ones who stayed overnight me, Delia, Tabitha, Holly, Sara and Cassie all went to Sonic. It was fun at midnight. Then we came back to Kayla’s and went to bed around 1am.

Today: Got up around 9. Texted with Derek. He had the house to himself today. So I took Tabitha home, came home, showered and then said I was walking up to Tabitha’s but I was really at Derek’s. Thought I should take advantage to him being home alone and as to what happened yesterday with him… (whoohoo!) so I went over there. We layed on his couch together and tickled and touched and what not, then we realized that wasn’t very comfortable so we moved to his bed, above the covers. Duh. And he rubbed my legs and my shoulders. He kissed my upper chest, tickled me, rubbed my boobs and kissed them, then he rubbed and pinched my nipples and then licked them. It was nice. My alarm for 12:25 went off and he said I have to leave, so we don’t get caught. I didn’t want to leave, I was just getting into it. He gave me a quick back massage and then told me to go to the bathroom to freshen up because my face was flushed. So I did, and like freaked out to myself. It was a lot of fun. Friends with benefits! Yay! Then I walked home and called Rhonda. Told her about the last two days, went to Kayla’s to help clean up with Tabitha, Delia, Craig and Garrett. The three girls went out to Perkin’s because I was starving! Then came home and drove mom up to the cabin. And been here since. So yeah. Life is pretty good. Derek and I still haven’t kissed on the lips. I’m not sure if I want to get that intimate with him. I just don’t want to get hurt. So yeah. Oh and beforehand Derek smelled like weed so he put on cologne and now I smell it on my shirt. Hehe 😊


<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: Reading this entry about a few days of exciting things and my first like physical touch from a guy is really entertaining. It’s a little cringy reading it again but its my story! This is just the beginning of boy shenanigans! I also remember having so much fun with my friends and doing a second ambush. I really miss these times of barely any cares in the world!

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