August 16, 2009

August 16, 2009

Sunday 12:30pm

Yesterday I came back into town and went to Delia’s house then met up with Paula, Devin, Brad, Harry and Craig at the soccer park. We just hung out for a while and then went to Sonic for some ice cream. It was a lot of fun to hang out with them again. Then I drove back to the soccer park with Harry, Brad and Devin while Craig went with Delia. It was fun to be in a car with three guys. Even though Harry tickled me from the side and Brad got me from behind. We did donuts in the parking lot and then I switched cars and got into Delia’s. We went back to her house, and I stayed the night. Eric called me on our way back to her house asking if I’d want to go on a walk with him and Taylor, yeah, I decided not to. Then Taylor texted me asking if I had a crush on Eric, I don’t and I asked her if he had a crush on me and he doesn’t. Just friends – easy. And this morning Devin texted me what I think of him – er how attractive he is. I answered and told him he ranked 8.5 on a scale 1-10. I asked the same question and he answered, “Your eyes are absolutely beautiful, and your hair is also very nice. Your short and that’s good because guys like girls who are shorter than they are, and you’re not a stick which is a plus because contrary to what most girls think guys don’t like girls who are skinny. We like them normal. You’re very nice and you flirt which isn’t a bad thing, you like to be with friends and like to keep things fun. Overall, I’d say you’re very attractive about an 8.75.” So yeah, that took up four texts and made me smile. And that’s about it. I better cover a new journal now. Yay! Another one filled up. 😊

MUCH LOVE TO THE FUTURE ME! <- That’s kind of weird to think about.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I think I was in my prime and had so many different people around me boosting my self confidence.

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