August 22, 2009

August 22, 2009

NSFW entry!

Saturday 9:31am

Need to write down about the last couple of days.

Wednesday – I had the house to myself, so Kyle came over and we hung out. We got hot n heavy in my bed and cuddled. We both put on the Team Blue 5XL shirt. I got ready for work and stopped at the mall and got food, chicken teriyaki and we shared it. We took break together in my car. Then after work I drove home to change and then his Grandma’s house to get some food and to get his stuff from that morning. He ended up leaving it there because mom called me. I told her I was at home watching tv and she told me to go downstairs to listen to the messages. Fuck that. So we rushed home, I called mom back and told her I was in the bathroom and wasn’t feeling good, so she wanted to sit on the phone with me and talk to me about what I’ve eaten that day, I told her I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. So, she said good night and hung up. I laid in my bed with Kyle. We fooled around more, didn’t have sex though. I could be ready, but don’t want to risk it yet. Around midnight we went into the kitchen and looked through the booze. We took some shots of whiskey and crème de cacao. It tasted nasty. We went back upstairs and in bed again. Then around 3 am he got really hungry, so I ended up driving up to the gas station with him. He bought Flipz and stole other things. Came home, ate food, fooled around, and fell asleep together. It was nice. I made him cum during the day and it was a lot faster than Derek. And he said he’d only came from a hand job twice – counting that time. So yeah.

Thursday – we woke up around 11. I took a quick shower and then mom called to tell me they were coming home in a half an hour to pick me up and go to the mall with them. Uhmmm, I was really sore, it hurt to walk and sit down. So, I got off the phone with her, woke up Kyle, went to the bank, then got gas and dropped him off at home. I came home, told mom I was really tired and needed to take a nap, so I stayed home. Called Kyle, went to pick him up, we stopped at his friend’s house. Then came back here. We fooled around and “took naps”, got ready for work and went. I couldn’t work in donations because Kyle was back there, so I was out on the floor. Grr, oh well. After work I stopped at home and then picked up Kyle and we went to the gas station together, ate food, made out, and I took him home and drove up to the cabin. I was greeted by the adults, and we had a long talk about Kyle, saying he’s not good for me because he drinks and does drugs, and has gotten in trouble. But dad wanted to know what he did to get community service – he was in the wrong place at the wrong time – so I went to bed. Exhausted beyond belief.

Friday – (Great day!) Woke up, came home with Meryl, mom came home like an hour later. I called Kyle and we talked for about an hour. I had a talk with mom about Kyle. She knows he stayed over, but we didn’t have sex. And she just thinks that if I go out with him my reputation at school would be shot, because I’d be going out with that type of guy, I kind of understand what she’s saying, but I don’t agree with her and dad, “You’re only as good as the people you hang out with,” <- lame. I know my friends are amazing people, but my life is changing. I’m meeting other people, and everything happens for a reason. I really like Kyle, he’s fun and outgoing and has a life as opposed to Hunter. And like with Hunter I agreed with mom and dad and what they were saying, now with Kyle I don’t agree. So, mom and Meryl went with me to run errands – bank, michael’s, mall and goodwill – got some awesome boots! After that the four of us went out to eat at Milwaukee burger with Oma and Opa. It was so long. I told mom there was a movie night at Delia’s, so I went to that once we made it home. I picked up Kyle, we went to a park. It was a park on the other side of town with a big cliff over the river. So awesome! There were two guys there fishing, a 10-year-old and a freshman. Kyle messed with them by making them jump off with the rope. It got dark out and we walked back to my car on the way he asked me out, we were holding hands and I said yes! 😊 we went in the back seat of my car and uhm, fooled around and then went to the gas station to get some drinks. He drove my car down there. I got 2 mountain dews and some candy, and he stole a colt 45. We went to a school and hung out in my car and then to his grandma’s house to pick up his stuff and then I took him home – came home 20 minutes late. Mom sat me down and talked to me, she didn’t believe I was at Delia’s. I smelled like Kyle’s cologne. I told her I was at movie night and that I thought about what her and I had talked about earlier and it’d be better if I just was friends with Kyle. And I think she believed me. So yeah, came up stairs, laid in bed, called Kyle, told him everything and we want to hang out tonight after work but I don’t know how to cover that up. So yeah. We had phone sex kind of and I was tired so I fell asleep after I hung up with him.

So that’s been my week, pretty great. I really like him and he really likes me, we have fun together and I’d like him to meet my friends like at a poker night or something. And at this very moment mom and dad are talking about meeting him tonight after work 😊. I think dad is a little easier about it than mom. So, I’m hoping for the best.

I’ll write more later.

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: it’s fun to read about the shenanigans I got into as a teenager. I knew Kyle wasn’t a good influence but at that point I did care. He was around my age, cute and liked to have fun.

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