August 22, 2009 (2)

August 22, 2009

Later the same day.

In major deep shit.

Mom and dad came to work and found Kyle waiting for me in my car. Dad told him to get out and he can’t date me and stay away from me. Kyle called his mom to pick him up and mom told her I’m not allowed at his house. I came out of work happy and excited and was greeted by that. Mom and dad standing there pissed off. I can’t drive my car until I find a new job, or until Kyle is done with community service. Then they might negotiate. So, I texted a few people and chatted with Kyle on myspace when I got home. He said it’ll be too hard to see me at work and get over me, so he might just go to jail for 8 days. So yeah. I feel like my parents are being really judgmental. But he wouldn’t of gotten along with my friends – they wouldn’t of liked him. So yeah. I really really want to hang out with my friends though. So bad right now. So yeah. Let’s hope my parents don’t make me cancel my birthday party. I talked with Brandon, Garrett, and Cathy on facebook. I feel sad and bad and guilty. But it was fun while it lasted. My second relationship of the summer only lasted for almost 24 hours. Ugh!

I hate this. G’night

Ava Estelle

Present day me: My parents were skeptical about me wanting to just be friends with Kyle so when I told them I was going to night games that night they came to my work to try and bust me in the act. They found Kyle in my car before I got out of work so they were alarmed and then made the decision to force him away from me. In retrospect it was a good move but at the time I was really frustrated and mad.

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