August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009


NSFW entry!

Had off of work today!

This morning I hung out with Derek, in his room, on his bed. He’s a lot more gentle than Kyle, but I think I like Kyle better. And that only lasted like 20 minutes, and I walked home. I got ready, Delia picked me up and we went to Kayla’s, Garret, Harry, Timmy, Devin, Brad, Brandon and Craig and Grace were there. We watched a movie and then played poker. Us four girls ate dinner out and then we decided to have the guys come back over to Kayla’s for some strip poker since her dad wasn’t home! So, it ended up being us girls, Grace, Devin, Brad and Harry, we played strip spoons. It was so much fun! Kayla, me, and Delia were down to our underwear and bras, after Devin and Brad left Harry had to strip down to his boxers. It was so awesome – then Delia had to take me home. So yeah. So great to see everyone again! And I’ll get to see them all and more on Saturday! I’m really excited! So yeah. I talked to Kyle on myspace last night for a bit and told him I still want him in my life and that I miss him, but he signed off in the middle of our conversation. So I messaged him and he told me if I want to talk to him I should call him. So I got his number again and will probably call him tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about this, part of me wants him back and part of me just doesn’t want to go there again. So yeah. That’s about it for now. So more latah!

<3 Ava Estelle

Present day me: I remember how fun it was to play strip spoons with everyone. We laughed a lot and it’s a great memory. It also entertaining to read about how I juggled boys at this time in my life.

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