September 5, 2009

September 5, 2009

NSFW entry!


Went to work for 8 hours. Had breaks with Georgia. Saw Hunter and Eric. Kyle got there at 5 and I left at 5:15. So I went out to eat for dinner with Delia and then we went to see The Ugly Truth – rated R!! It was good and made a lot of dirty jokes. Then we visited Devin and Brad and played rock band. After that she dropped me off at the park where I met up with Derek. We fooled around and I let him in my pants this time. It was fun. He ate me out too. That felt good, too. We made out a little bit and then it was midnight. So, I had to go home. We walked together a bit and then parted. Came home, went on Facebook and got a friend request from Gil from work. Haha. We have no mutual friends, so I wasn’t sure who he was at first. So yeah, it’s 1:20am and I need to go to bed.

Pretty good day!

<3 Ava Estelle 😊

Present day me: ohh memories of my escapades from the beginning of my chapter with men!

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